Volume 9, issue 3, 2007
Spring 2007
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James F. Keeley and John R. Ferris 
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Ron Cleminson 
International Verification of WMD Proliferation: Applying Unmovic's: Legacy 
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Clayton Dennison 
Operation Iraqi Freedom: What Went Wrong? A Clausewitzian Analysis 
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David McDonough 
BMD and US Strategic Doctrine: Canadian Strategic Interests in the Debate on Missile Defence 
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Francois Vreÿ 
From Theory to Culture: Emergent South African Strategic Culture 
Book Reviews 
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Maureen Shields 
Jordi Diez, Ed. Canadian and Mexican Security in the New North America: Challenges and Prospects. Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2006. 

Synergies, a Founding Project for the Canadian Research Results Dissemination

By offering the first national dissemination platform of SSH Canadian research results, Synergies has filled the gap of digital publishing in Canada. Although the project ended in 2012, the benefits of Synergies are still highly visible throughout the Canadian research dissemination landscape.

Synergies success keys

The success of the Synergies project was made possible by the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) grant and by a pan-Canadian interuniversity governance, provided by the University of New Brunswick, the University of Montreal, the University of Toronto, the University of Calgary and the Simon Fraser University.

Synergies technological infrastructure is based on the resources and the expertise of two Canadian leading organizations in the digital scholarly publishing:

  • Érudit, the digital publishing platform of mainly French language SSH research results in Canada, and a provider of digital publishing services;

  • Public Knowledge Project, an organization offering an open source software suite for digital publishing used by over 10,000 scholarly journals worldwide.

The University of Toronto, the University of Calgary and the University of New Brunswick also offered technological expertise in the development of Synergies.

Synergies missions

Synergies answered two crucial needs for the Canada research dissemination:

  • Offer digital publishing services prepared to international standards with the lowest cost possible for the editorial production side;

  • Encompass the different types of scientific publications in a single point of access: journals, theses, conference proceedings, books.

Synergies impact

Between 2007 and 2012, Synergies has provided an infrastructure for a rich Canadian scholarly record in SSH, the backbone of which is existing and yet to be created peer-review journals.

Synergies thus intended to bring Canadian SSH research into the mainstream of worldwide research discourse by using a cost-effective public/not-for-profit partnership to maximize knowledge dissemination.

The grant came to an end in 2012, but the technological advances gained by each of the five core partners of the project (as well as the twenty-one other Canadian universities also involved) will have a lasting impact on the scholarly publishing landscape in Canada.

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